Sunday, February 7, 2010

Local Cop Advocates Shooting Law Abiding Gun Owners In The Back (On Facebook)!

ETA 02-09-2010 - I posted this on a gun forum that I am on: "Let's give this all some space and see what EPAPD is going to do, and whether Det. Tuazon will be making any further apologies or explanations. I know what he did was WRONG WRONG WRONG, but I am personally uncomfortable with just piling up on him. I think we drilled the point home with over 500 posts. Let's not go into overkill. That's just me talking, and it has to do with the values I was taught when I was growing up."


East Palo Alto, CA Detective Roderick Tuason didn't realize that actual PRO-GUN people also read Facebook.  Amazingly, he posted the following comment about law abiding gun owners on a friend's page.  Basically, he's saying "prone them out" (on the ground), and if anyone moves, kill them.  I don't make this crap up.

This is worth a call to his boss. . .

Detective Roderick Tuason
650-853-7244 / 650-853-5957 / PD's anonymous tip line at 650-853-8477

More info:

1058 Weeks Street, East Palo Alto, CA 94303
Phone No: (650)804-2125 

15 Newell Rd Apt 5, East Palo Alto, CA 94303
Phone No: (650)321-4001 

EDIT - his FB account is now deleted. . . interesting. . .

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