Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brady Campaign Has 50k Members - Not 1/2 Million Like They Claim - And They Sell Your Home Address To Anyone

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The Brady Campaign claimed in 2004 to have "about a half million" members.  Well, they actually have 50,581 members.  I have a screenshot to prove it. Unless they lost 450,000 members in six short years, they were telling an outright lie.

I'm not surprised.

Perhaps even more disturbing, on their website they say that they "will not sell your name or e-mail address to spammers or share it with unaffiliated groups."

This is also a lie.  THE ENTIRE LIST is for sale for for $3500 to anyone who wants it.  I guess if someone was a criminal and wanted to know which houses to burglarize, they could start with this list. Minimum purchase is only 5000 names ($350), and it is customizable by zip code.

ETA: some people have speculated that this is somehow a "private list" and that the buyer would not actually get to see the addresses.  I do not think this is true - "privacy" is set to "unknown" on the actual listing.  I buy lists like these all the time for my "day job" and I have NEVER encountered a list where I did not get to see the actual addresses.

In fact, if you look at the listing, you will even see an option to get the list on CD-ROM or pre-printed on mailing labels.

Brady "mailing list" for sale:
(Email addresses are an extra-cost option and are also available a little farther down on the page.)

Brady claims to have 1/2 million "members:"

Brady Campaign lies about not selling your personal info:

 Joining the Brady Campaign is like putting a big sign in front of your house saying "please come and get my stuff."

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